Auditorium der Jazz & Rock Schulen

  • Haslacher Str. 43
  • 79115 Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Tel.: 0761 3688890
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Auditorium der Jazz & Rock Schulen: Alle Termine

  • Live: Tonewood, Special Guest. Sound: Pop, R'n'B. At this special concert, the recital of our lead singer Kim, we'll present a compilation of songs from our album "Birdflight", as well as some new songs, you can't find at it! Moreover we'll have some special guests at the show you wont expect! So, this concert will be a tasty representation of a long path traveled through bumpy roads and tall mountains. We'd be happy, if you were a part of it!

    Freiburg | Auditorium der Jazz & Rock Schulen

    Mi 24.05.17
    20:30 Uhr
    Konzert w/ Tonewood

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