Candice Gordon in Stuttgart

Fr, 20. April 2018, 21:00 Uhr
Kulturzentrum Merlin
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If Elvira, Patti Smith and Nick Cave had a love-child somehow, Candice Gordon would be her shaman priestess. Her songs are potions taken directly out of Dr Caligari´s cabinet, fixing to heal the wounds of the human animal.
She was born in Southern Africa and after a stint as a feral child of the Okavango swamps, she was sent to be socialised in Dublin. It almost worked. The city, with its musical and literary backdrop, made a lasting impression on her, but it could not contain her. She joined a travelling circus and then escaped to London before meeting Shane MacGowan who later produced her debut EP ´Before The Sunset Ends.
Her music exists multi-dimensionally on the planes of rock and roll, gothic, garage, psych, and post-punk and her live performance with her band is raw, crude and possessed.
Since releasing the dark and smouldering EP Before the Sunset Ends (the greatest song never to feature on the Twin Peaks soundtrack Hotpress) and the garage-rock singles Smoking Like the Barrel of a Gun (Watch out Weve Got a Badass over here Nylon), and Cannibal Love (Agreeably bonkers slice of horror themed garage rock raucousness The Guardian), she brought out her debut album Garden of Beasts in September 2017 on Proper Octopus Records to critical acclaim:
Dark Brilliance - DIY
Woozy, immersive - The Independent
» Candice Gordon is bound for greatness« - The 405 (8/10)
»Gordon has the bone-chilling ability to genuinely discomfit the listener... An Accomplished and artful debut« - Hotpress, (7/10)
Candice Gordon holds nothing back and ultimately delivers an album filled with flickers of absolute brilliance - The Last Mixed Tape (9/10)
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