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  • René Orth. Land hydrology: Effects on land climate and new modeling approaches Kolloquium Boden und Wasser Dr. René Orth ETH Zürich Land hydrology: Effects on land climate and new modeling approaches Land hydrology can influence near surface weather and hence land climate as it may control the partitioning of incoming radiative energy into sensible and latent heat flux. This link is stronger when vegetation and evapotranspiration are (soil) moisture-limited as compared to (radiative) energy-limited. This presentation will provide an overview of our recent work on the effects of land hydrology on land climate, and on new related modeling approaches. In particular, we show that soil moisture impacts on land climate are overall comparable to that of sea surface temperatures. Also, we reveal the important role of dry soils in the 2010 Russia heat wave. And we introduce a new approach to distinguish energy- and moisture-limited regimes at high spatial and temporal resolution. Hydrological modeling is challenged by sparse observations and by the spatial heterogeneity of soil and vegetation characteristics, moreover the required model complexity is often unclear. We present recent results of an intercomparison of hydrological models of different complexity. We also illustrate the benefits of calibrating a conceptual model against multiple observational datasets at the same time. Finally, underlining the important role of the land surface (model) for near-surface weather we show that the land model parameterization influences the skill of coupled weather forecasts in Europe.

    Freiburg | Institut für Hydrologie, Fahnenbergplatz

    Do 27.10.16
    16 Uhr
    Kolloquium Boden und Wasser

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