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Pete remembers Woody

The Extraordinary Musical Friendship of Pete Seeger & Woody Guthrie

In the history of American music, few relationships are as legendary as that of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. The image of a young Pete and an almost as young Woody, rambling across the country together singing in union halls and work camps and saloons is forever emblazoned in the mind of every folksinger who would follow.

There is no doubt that Woody Guthrie was a seminal influence on Americas most influential folk singer.

Now, on the occasion of Woodys 109th birthday, we are fortunate to hear Pete tell us about it. This is a collection of material about Pete and Woodys time together; a rich tapestry of stories and recollections. It is by no means a complete history but taken together, these words paint an engaging portrait of the relationship between these two very different individuals and placing it squarely in the context of f the times they were living through.

Pete once said, Woody was always cracking jokes and when he met me, he couldnt quite figure me out. Woody said, That Seeger guy is the youngest man I ever knew. He dont drink, he dont smoke, he dont chase girls

Pete and Woody were both in their twenties but Woody was clearly the senior of the two and helped show Pete his stock-in-trade as a folk singer. In the process they developed a friendship and a mutual respect that would span the country and the years. That friendship and respect is evident throughout their musical collaboration.

In cooperation with: New English American Theatre, Staatministerin für Kultur und Medien, Kulturverein Merlin e.V.

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