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Dorfschänke: Alle Termine

  • PsyKA and PsyKa Records presents... _______________ RED SUN [PSYCH/SPACEROCK, ITALY] RED SUN serves a mix of psychedelia, space and hard & stoner instrumental rock. On the plots woven by bass and drums, is the guitar that, among powerful riffs and dilated solos, wraps everything with dreamlike architectures. ______________ ELEPHARMERS [STONER ROCK, ITALY] ELEPHARMERS is a stoner rock power trio from Sardinia, formed at the end of 2009. Influenced by the sunny and unspoiled landscapes of their land, ELEPHARMERS play the sound of the 70es, mixed with raw blues, psychedelic fascinations and the groove of the 90\'s stoner rock.

    Karlsruhe | Dorfschänke

    Fr 30.03.18
    20 Uhr
    Red Sun (Spacerock) + Elepharmers (Stoner Rock)
  • PsyKA and PsyKa Records presents... ELECTRIC EYE [PSYCH/SPACEROCK, NORWAY] Electric Eye play droned out psych-rock inspired by the blues, India and the ever more expanding universe. On the bands inspirational mix tape, you will probably find songs from the The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips and Pink Floyd in Pompeii. ? TROTTOIR [HARTKRAUT, MANNHEIM] A plumber, a tiler and a singer are building a house. And three musicians with a drumset, a guitar and a bass are standing in self-forgotten manner in front of the house. On a Trottoir. And they're playing the self-invented Mannheimer Hartkraut, a mixture of Krautrock, Post Rock, Space Rock and their own artistic origin. ?

    Karlsruhe | Dorfschänke

    Fr 20.04.18
    20 Uhr
    Electric Eye (Spacerock) + Trottoir (Hartkraut)

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