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  • Promoter lead strands for use in marketing 2017/2018 - Take your pick or use both Strand 1 »Returning in 2017 with their sixth album Trippin With Dr Faustus, UK prog-rock bamd Amplifier continue their DIY ethic and stay committed to making music for themselves and their fans. Their upcoming UK tour will see them perform both new and old favourites whilst taking you on a trip through time and space« Strand 2 »Amplifier are delighted to announce what will be their first UK shows since 2015. Following on from 2017s universally loved album Trippin With Dr Faustus, which was described as the best album of their career by Prog Magazine, this tour promises to be something special as Amplifier turn the setlist over to the fans to let them select a set from a career spanning 15 years and over a dozen records with a back catalogue of 100+ songs. Over 1000 fans have already contributed to the setlist so far and The touring set that has been picked so far is so titanic that the Earth might actually stop revolving. Theres still lots of opportunity for fans to get involved between now and Feb 2018 by going to www.amplifierband.com and picking all the favourites.«

    München | Feierwerk München

    So 13.05.18
    21 Uhr

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