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  • Orchestra times are back in Freiburg! We proudly inaugurate our season bringing the very best of Buenos Aires to you! And to start saying goodbye to the winter, what better than bringing "La Hoguera" to put our dance floor on fire and make everyone dance, embrace and enjoy the pure argentine Tango? In a unique presentation in our area, La Hoguera will deliver the best of traditional argentine Tango to be danced and enjoyed! And if you came before to our evenings with live Orchestras, you know how good they are! And for those who did not yet, ask your tanguero friends, they will let you know how it is! As we usually get fully booked, here is a "friends" advice: if you want to guarantee your place, and most of all, if you want to have a place to seat, book it in advance making a reservation through our email "rafaelyailen@gmail.com"; Answering the crucial questions! When? 24th February, friday night, my friend But, at what time? We start the evening at 21:00 Do i need a reservation? If you want to have a seat, yes. Can i invite my friends? Invite anyone you want! And who will DJ? Rafael Baere, with the very best of Tango! Ok, but, how much will it cost? 18 Euro normal price, 15 Euro Students price

    Freiburg | Tanzsport-Zentrum

    Fr 24.02.17
    21 Uhr
    Milonga mit Orquesta Típica La Hoguera

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