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  • Vargas Blues Band feat. John Byron Jagger In May 2008, FLAMENCO BLUES EXPERIENCE was released. It mixes blues and rock with flamenco, showing the crossbreeding that characterises Javier Vargas. It was recorded in Ardent Studios in Memphis, again with sound engineer John Hampton, Jason Latshaw in charge of the mixes and the sleeve design by prestigious graphic designer Bob Masse, some collaborations by Canadian guitarist Frank Marino, Devon Allman, Raimundo Amador, Steve Potts, David Smith, Mauri Sanchís, Rey Morao and The Cherry Boppers; vocals by Devon, Tim Mitchell and Bobby Alexander. It includes eleven songs like Walking the Streets, Beautiful Woman, Blues para Lucia, Tierra del Vino and No Pasa Nada. In June 2009 VARGAS BLUES BAND, COMES ALIVE WITH FRIENDS was released. This album includes a DVD and a CD, in digipack with a beautiful spread, with the recording of the live concert at Sala Breogain in Vigo on 20th. December 2008, with Henry Sarmiento in charge of technical control, and guest appearances by Devon Allman, Raimundo Amador, Claudio Gabis, Jorge Salan and Álvaro Tarquino Chevere, and the new Vargas Blues Band: Tim Mitchell (vocals), Luis Mayol (bass), Peter Kunst (drums), and Javier Vargas (guitar). In this new album, Javier and his band showed the strength of their live performance in an excellent blues-rock live session. The DVD includes twenty songs and the CD includes fourteen. The main album song is Neil Youngs Down by the River sung by Devon Allman. Other songs are Get Away with Murder, Blues in my Soul, Wild West Blues and Mojo Hand. During the autumn and winter of 2009 and the whole of 2010, Vargas Blues Band went on a tour of Spain and Europe to promote the new album. Simultaneously, at the beginning of 2010, Javier Vargas started the tour LIVE GUITAR NIGHT 2010 with Jorge Salan, a brave bid of two of the best Spanish guitarists right now. In May 2010, a new Studio album, MOJO PROTECTION REVISITED, was released. This is a revision of the album recorded in Argentina in 2008 under the name MOJO PROTECTION, and it also includes new songs by Tim Mitchell y Javier like Talking About the Blues, You Got Me, Passion Blues, or Mojo Protection, recorded with the latest members of the band: Javier, Tim, Luis Mayol (bass) and Peter Kunst (drums). In March 2011, Javier started a new Project called VARGAS, BOGERT & APPICE or VBA, and travelled to Las Vegas to record alongside the legendary Carmine Appice (drums), Tim Bogert (bass), both former Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Jeff Beck, King Kobra, and with Paul Shortino (vocals), former Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot. This is an album of versions of rock and R&B with a new twist. The album was recorded at Hit Track Studios in Las Vegas and mixed at Ardent Studios, in Memphis with sound engineer Brad Blackwood. It was released in June 2011 by Warner as a special edition, coupled with bonus CD Live Wire (European Vargas Blues Band tour 2010) plus DVD with the making of of the Bogert, Appice and Shortino album. After a career spanning twenty years during which Javier Vargas has collaborated with numerous artists from the world of rock and blues, in 2012 he brings together an outstanding assembly of world class musicians: Jack Bruce, Glenn Hughes, Chris Rea, Raimundo Amador and Double Trouble among many others. On the release VARGAS BLUES BAND AND COMPANY the classic Rod Stewart hit »Do You Think I'm Sexy« is given a thorough makeover, with Carmine Appice, Paul Shortino, Pat Travers and Javier Vargas presenting a more experimental version. As the title indicates, Javier explores his heavier side on the 2013 album HEAVY CITY BLUES where he enlists again the help of legendary drummer Carmine Appice and singer Paul Shortino, with Bobby Alexander also contributing vocals. It includes 10 original songs and an excellent cover of LOVE HURTS (Everly Brothers). In 2015 Javier returns with »FROM THE DARK« (guests Dani Wilde and Chris Jagger), a more personal and introspective work mixing genres and musical styles. In his band are Gaz Pearson on vocals, Peter Kunst (drums) and Luis Mayol (bass). The new album released in March 2016 HARD TIMES BLUES features again Paul Shortino as the main vocalist alongside the core of the current touring band, Luis Mayol and Peter Kunst. The songs fuse Latin rhythms, blues and rock with the unmistakable guitar sound of Javier Vargas, further contributions by Gaz Pearson, Devon Allman and Tim Mitchell. Recorded in Madrid and Las Vegas it is considered by Javier as his best yet, a return to his roots and condensing all experience of 25 years.

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    Vargas Blues Band feat. John Byron Jagger

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