Mensa Rempartstraße

  • Rempartstr. 18
  • 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

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  • Album Release Show 2016 - Album Release Show "Champagne Rush" "Champagne Rush" Album Release Show FATCAT veröffentlicht ihr Debüt-Album "Champagne Rush" mit einer Release Show die neue Maßstäbe setzt. Zum ersten mal bespielt die Band den oberen Saal in der Mensa Freiburg. "Champagne Rush" wird an diesem Abend nicht nur Namensgeber sein, sondern auch Gefühl und Erlebnis für dieses Konzert. Das Gefühl des Rausches eines unvergesslichen Moments, welchen FATCAT an diesem Abend zelebrieren wird. Anschließend After-Show-Party in der Mensabar mit Radio TAKA TUKA (Berlin). SUPPORT: EL FLECHA NEGRA El Flecha Negra is a roaring river made of many different musical currents. At its heart are latin rhythms like reggae and cumbia, and they flow seamlessly together with accoustic vibes to form a unique sound. Many years ago the members met in Barcelona, the cradle of half blood bands, where everyone plays in different groups: barrio candela, microguagua, green valley, mañaners, and many more. Each one of the members has a deep history in the music scene, playing many stages of Europe and Latin America. After many years of sharing and playing separately, they decided to shape this cheerful and charismatic band. They first formed during June of 2014 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. In Freiburg that they are taking the first steps with this project on the streets of the city. It is just as it says in El Flecha Negra there is nothing more spontaneous and magic than the streets. They perform in all kinds of rooms, bars, streets and festivals. They spread music, energy, and joy to all who cross their path. In 2015 they are creating their first studio production using their unique mix of accoustic and electric styles, featuring special guests from around the world.

    Freiburg | Mensa Rempartstraße

    Sa 26.11.16
    21 Uhr

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